About Steph
When I was a child, my mother turned to Astrology in order to better understand the health problems that my brother and I had. We suffered from food and environmental allergies, and we were always sick. Every year I had chronic infections in various locations of my body. My brother seemed asthmatic and suffered bronchitis every year. Our mother wanted to know how to best help us to overcome such allergies and infections. Of course, she turned to doctors, who gave us allergy shots, but I became allergic to the shots! My mother turned to astrology to find out what else I could be prone to, and how to help me.

Thus began an early interest in astrology. I used to watch my mother at the kitchen table with her charts, and I watched and listened to her as she spoke to clients on the phone. I knew she was helping people - she had already helped me!

Remember that your natal chart and forecast is just a snapshot of what could be, based on who you are. There's always room to exert your own will, to take a detour, to add something special, to make life go your way. All you have to do is listen to what your chart or forecast is noting, and then take the actions you feel are best for yourself in a given situation.


I have found Stephanie's year-long natal chart report extremely useful in understanding the ebb and flow of events. It's handy even just to know when to schedule a social gathering! I've also learned more about the finer details of astrology through using this report. - Eleanor

Stephanie not only knows her stuff, but takes the time to answer questions other analysts don't. I never would have known that I need to be checking Pisces *and* Virgo [for Sun Sign and Rising Sign] if she hadn't talked through my natal chart with me. She's not interested in just churning charts, but she also wants to make sure that I understand how these bodies impact my life today. - C.B.


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