Conflict-free and Fair Trade birthstone jewelry

In an effort to be a more aware and responsible human being, I took the stance of avoiding jewelry and gemstones that come from places where such precious metals and stones are used as currency to fund violence.

What does "conflict-free" mean?
Conflict-free means that steps were taken on the part of your jeweler to ensure that the stone or metal you are purchasing has not come from an area of the world where armed militants actively utilise such materials to fund their bloody conflicts.
While many countries are now taking positive steps towards removing such funding from the hands of militants, the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) is still a hotspot to avoid. Always ask your jeweler where the metals and stones came from! If your jeweler doesn't know, you can't trust that company, and you should go elsewhere.

What does "fair trade" mean?
Fair Trade means that your jeweler has taken steps to ensure that the metals and stones you are buying was purchased from the miners of said materials for a fair and reasonable price. That is, the people mining the materials have been paid a living wage and work in an environment which does not abuse the labor force. You can also read about Fair Trade at

In 2003, the Kimberly Process was created in 2003 to prevent militant groups from further funding their activities through diamond and other precious metal and stone sales. You can also read about the Kimberly Process at

Searching responsibly for your special gemstone is no easy task, I understand that. But wouldn't you feel so much better knowing that the jewelry you've purchased was mined and created without human rights abuses?

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