In Astrology, the zodiacal wheel is in the image of a 360° circle divided into twelve sectors, or Houses.
In the illustration above, I have provided a legend on either side of the zodiacal wheel for easy reference to the sign and planet glyphs.

If you imagine Earth at the center of the circle, and yourself standing on Earth, looking up at the night sky, you would be surrounded by a 360° panorama of the constellations in the sky. The constellations are divided up into twelve sectors, or Houses. As you can see, the Houses are numbered in the illustration above. The constellations represent the ruling signs of those twelve Houses. Thus, the 1st House is ruled by Aries.

Imagine yourself again looking up at the constellations in the night sky. In identifying the constellations, one normally looks for a planet in or near the constellation of stars. In the outer wheel of the chart above, you will see the planets. These are the ruling planets of the sign and House. Thus, the 1st House is ruled by Aries, and Aries is ruled by Mars.

Each sign and planet has its own meaning(s), and later came the Houses to better illustrate and illuminate the interpretation of the signs and planets of the natal chart.

Below, I have provided the meanings of each House in the zodiac.

1st House - The House of Self and beginnings.
The 1st House, and the sign that rules the 1st House, describes your outer personality and your physical appearance. To some extent, this House also describes your health, and the type of illnesses you may experience in life. The 1st House is also known as the Ascendant or Rising sign, because your chart is cast beginning with the 1st House based upon what constellation was rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Mars

2nd House - The House of money and possessions. It describes material assets, how you handle monetary income, and the potential ways it may be earned. This House also indicates the personal values and priorities you establish throughout life.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Venus

3rd House - The House of communications and short-distance travel, siblings and neighbors. It describes your mental state, intellectual orientation, self-expression and communication, early education, mechanical dexterity and skills, immediate environment (neighborhood), and your siblings. It indicates physical actions and transportation, especially within your immediate environment. To a certain extent, the 3rd House also describes the job or health of your father.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Mercury

4th House - The House of home and family. It describes the place you call home, your overall domestic environment, and your family members, especially your mother. The 4th House tells you about the beginning as well as the end of various cycles in your life.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Moon

5th House - The House of love of the non-committal type, of children and creativity, and of gambling. This House describes your creative talents and imaginative powers. The 5th House also describes your capacity for enjoyment in the pursuit of pleasure and romance, as well as indicating your propensity to have children or engage in speculative ventures.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Sun

6th House - The House of work, health and diet. It describes your job, daily responsibilities (paid and unpaid), and those who work for or with you. It also represents your overall health and physical fitness.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Mercury

7th House - The House of relationship/commitment, marriage and business partnership. It relates to marriage and partnership or joint ventures of any kind. It describes how you interact with people and how others tend to regard you. The 7th House is associated with legal matters, negotiations, contracts, and all open confrontations, pleasant as well as unpleasant.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Venus

8th House - The House of sex, rebirth, and joint finances. It is related to taxes, debt, death, legacies, and the income you receive through marriage or business partner(s). It describes your resourcefulness and your ability to develop and use material assets. This House also describes your personal skills and abilities. The 8th House also indicates your sexual attitudes and behavior.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Pluto

9th House - The House of mental exploration, spirituality/religion, and long-distance travel. It describes higher education and advanced training, publishing, advertising and publicity, politics, foreign travel and foreign studies, religious and philosophical views, and cultural pursuits. The 9th House relates to court decisions, a second marriage, and in-laws. To a certain extent the ninth house also describes the job or health of your mother.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Jupiter

10th House - The House of career, reputation and social life. It describes your career and other long-range goals, your public reputation, superiors and those in authority. This House also relates to your father and his influence in your life.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Saturn

11th House - The House of friendship and networking, societies and clubs, hopes and wishes. This House indicates your friendships, organisations to which you belong, and income derived from self-employment or career (as opposed to wages earned from a job). The 11th House relates to the role you play in the lives of others as child, parent, lover, spouse, friend, social or business associate. This House also describes your hopes and aspirations, and your capacity for general happiness.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Uranus

12th House - The House of subconscious mind, dreams and secrets, one's childhood, and confinement (such as prison or hospital). It describes the private and hidden side of life; your subconscious mind, your dreams, the past, and those who wish you harm or work against your interests. The 12th House relates to sorrow, disappointment, loss, solitude or confinement, hidden fears, and worry. It also has connection with the job or health of your marriage or business partner.
Ruling zodiacal Sign:
Ruling zodiacal Planet: Neptune

A natal birth chart will differ radically from the illustrated wheel above, because the signs and planets are always moving. The wheel above indicates the lordship or ruling state of the signs and planets in the natural zodiac.

In a natal birth chart, the time of day you were born is very important, because it determines exactly where the planets fell in each constellation at the moment of your birth, creating you as a unique, one-of-a-kind person. What astrologers look for in creating your individual natal chart is the constellation that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. If say, the constellation Libra was rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth, we call this your Rising Sign, and place the sign of Libra in the 1st House.
From there, we can create the rest of your chart; if Libra is in the 1st House, then Scorpio is in the 2nd House, Sagittarius is in the 3rd House, and so on around the chart, following the original order of the twelve signs until every house is filled.

Next, we note where the sun and the other planets fall in your chart. The planets will be found in the various constellations; some constellations will have more planets congregating in them than others.

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