Welcome to Astromenon.com. You are an Astrological phenomenon!

My name is Steph, and I've been interested in Astrology since my mother introduced it to me back in the 1970s. I spent years helping people to discover their destinies by furthering my knowledge in Astrology and creating natal charts for people.

I started off drawing charts by hand just as my mother had done, and then invested in astrology software from Time Cycles Research to aid me in creating thorough reports for natal charts and forecasts.

I did actually try to make a living off of my love of astrology, which is how this website came about. However, due to my own limitations and control issues, the business was short-lived.

Even though the business side of things did not work out, I still consider the work that I put into creating this site to be meaningful and rewarding.

Have a look around, and may your time spent on this site be educational. That's my gift to you.

About Steph

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