Welcome to Astromenon.com, where you can obtain your personalised astrology report!

My name is Stephanie, and I've been helping people to discover their destiny for over ten years. Through a natal astrological report, you can learn so much about yourself, and overcome propensities towards addictions, illnesses, bad relationships and more.

I also create astrological forecasts, so you can see into your own future, and plan ahead for, or better yet, steer clear of any pitfalls that may loom! A forecast is also great for alerting you to good fortune coming your way - all you have to do is get moving - your forecast gives you an idea how.

Your natal chart can show you what you are good at career-wise, and can tell you a lot about your social habits. Can't figure out why you're so shy? Your natal chart can clue you in, and I can explain how your natal chart allows you to overcome this shyness!

An astrological forecast is also a must for us busy bees. Got roped into business travel in two weeks? Find out how you can minimize your stress NOW and be prepared for anything!

Your natal chart and forecast is just a snapshot of what could be, based on who you are. There's always room to exert your own will, to take a detour, to add something special, to make life go your way. All you have to do is listen to what your chart or forecast is telling you about you.

I am happy to provide this service to you!

When you order your chart or forecast, please be sure to include the following information:
  • Birth Date (example: 12/01/1971)
  • Exact Time (example: 12:01 PM)
  • City and State or Country (example: Detroit, MI or Copenhagen, Denmark.)
Unfortunately, without an exact birth time, I will not be able to create a report for you, as the planets change astrological sign about every two minutes, creating a totally different profile. Without an accurate birth time, the profile you receive may not reflect your Self at all!

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